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Want to hear from other fans of Chantel Martin Candles?

Here are just a few items of feedback we have received about our candles and company. Please remember we can be easily be contacted on Facebook, Twitter or directly via our contact from on this site.

All of the candles that I've tried had very distinct scents when cold, and after burning them the scent became even more vivid and filled the room.

If you are a fan of very fresh clean scents then I would recommend scents such as Fresh Lemon, Baby Powder and Clean Cotton. For those that love very sweet scents; Strawberry, Bubblegum and Luscious Vanilla will be more your kind of thing. I do love the presentation of the candles and think they are the really simplistic - I'm not really a fan of over the top packaging myself and just think it looks much nicer this way, they are looking super cute on my windowsill at the moment.

Saida London

Would I purchase this candle? I would. I find the scent really quite pleasant and the burning time truly impressed me.

Chantel Martin say this is a summertime fragrance but to be honest, I think Cranberry is also suitable for this time of year too as it has a slight festive feel to it. For the burning time claims, I'd certainly agree with them and would even say that it lasted longer than expected which I was very pleased about. For the throw, the scent was detectable but it wasn't strong enough to fill my room but it wasn't bad and was certainly better than a lot of candles I've previously tried.

Shannon Wilson North East of England

I honestly love these candles so much, I am so impressed with all the scents and I would 100% recommend them to anyone!

The Chantel Martin candles have a good strong scent cold, when they are lit it does take a little bit of time for the smell to fill the room. Having said that they are still much better than most scented candles I've tried. The big jars burn quite slowly so I think they will last me quite a long time.

Clo's Beauty Spot U.K.

My home is now filled with gorgeous smells, and I cannot wait to burn the Hot Apple Pie one this Christmas!

When I say a mountain of candles I mean it literally! I was even shocked once I had opened the many boxes to find so many candles, I didn't know what to smell first.

Chantel Martin Candles* are a family run business, you know I love a good fambizz, who hand craft their candles using the finest and most organic ingredients. This means, that smell amazing and burn black smokey glass.

So if you're looking for organic, great smelling candles that are very affordable, I would definitely recommend Chantel Martin Candles.

Nicole at TLOABA U.K.

Absolutely top product , we have the bubble gum one and it smells amazing, well worth the money !!

Jamie Evans Facebook

Fantastic candles got some for mothers day love them

Bev Huscroft Sowden Facebook


these candles came recommended from a friend, quite sceptical as I'm a Yankee candle user and have found no others that are equal to them. HOWEVER.... Then I got given these and they are amazing, my house smells beautiful and the scent isn't a one hit wonder it lasts. So ditch the Yankees and support our local supplier of these wonderful candles.

Kate Boden Facebook

They are beautiful!

I always get the baby powder its gorgeous. I use to get the other well known brand. These candles are far far better. From a very satisfied customer x

Su Mullen Facebook

My new favourite candle company

- they smell gorgeous, burn clean and long lasting what more could I ask for ?

Caroline Berry Facebook

Really nice candles great scent really like the lemon and bubble gum

Gaz Davies Facebook

Can't resist these Chantel Martin candles!!

Smells like Christmas in my house

Emma Royster Facebook

Amazing candles will be back to purchase lots more

Amy Elizabeth Brown Facebook

Quality product! Favourites - sweet strawberry and mint chocolate

Katie Marie Facebook

Bought a lovely bubblegum candle last Night at The Culcheth Arms Shopping Night,

the smell is to die for. Excellence service with a smile and really good prices. I will be back for more, even better that i only live minutes away. Thankyou

Jenny Hutchinson Facebook