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Jasmine and Gardenia

Jasmine and Gardenia

Gardenia is coupled with the sweet smell of Jasmine.

Gardenia, the flower which epitomises love and grace, is coupled with the sweet, sensual essence of Jasmine creating a calming aroma. The classically sweet, summertime Gardenia notes complement the exotic Jasmine undertones, forming a beautiful, delicate fragrance.
Inspired by the evening harvest of Jasmine, the scent captures the sweet essence of this delicate flower.



" All of the candles that I've tried had very distinct scents when cold, and after burning them the scent became even more vivid and filled the room.
If you are a fan of very fresh clean scents then I would recommend scents such as Fresh Lemon, Baby Powder and Clean Cotton. For those that love very sweet scents; Strawberry, Bubblegum and Luscious Vanilla will be more your kind of thing. I do love the presentation of the candles and think they are the really simplistic - I'm not really a fan of over the top packaging myself and just think it looks much nicer this way, they are looking super cute on my windowsill at the moment. "

Jasmine and Gardenia

Image£2.50Code : JASGARD-VOTIVE
12 - 15 hours
Wax 60g
Weight 60g

Jasmine and Gardenia
Contemporary Glass

Image£19.99Code : JASGARD-MED
40 - 45 hours
Wax 240g
Weight 551g