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Mint Chocolate Scented Candles

Mint Chocolate

An indulgent, seductive, evening scent.

With a blend of dark chocolate and invigorating mint, this Mint Chocolate scented candle tantalises the senses

Katie Marie


" Quality product! Favourites - sweet strawberry and mint chocolate "

Mint Chocolate
Large Apothecary Jar

Image£15.99Code : MINTCHOC-LAR
40 - 50 hours
Wax 240g
Weight 755g

Mint Chocolate
Medium Apothecary Jar

Image£9.99Code : MINTCHOC-MED
30 - 35 hours
Wax 160g
Weight 549g

Mint Chocolate

Image£2.50Code : MINTCHOC-VOTIVE
12 - 15 hours
Wax 60g
Weight 60g