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Clean Cotton Scented Candles

Clean Cotton

There's nothing quite like clean sheets at bedtime.

Like a bundle of freshly washed linen drying in the warm breeze, Our Clean Cotton scented candles is a homely and comforting scent emits a deliciously crisp fresh aroma into the room.

Shannon Wilson

North East of England

" Would I purchase this candle? I would. I find the scent really quite pleasant and the burning time truly impressed me.
Chantel Martin say this is a summertime fragrance but to be honest, I think Cranberry is also suitable for this time of year too as it has a slight festive feel to it. For the burning time claims, I'd certainly agree with them and would even say that it lasted longer than expected which I was very pleased about. For the throw, the scent was detectable but it wasn't strong enough to fill my room but it wasn't bad and was certainly better than a lot of candles I've previously tried. "

Clean Cotton
Large Apothecary Jar

Image£15.99Code : CC-LAR
40 - 50 hours
Wax 240g
Weight 755g

Clean Cotton
Medium Apothecary Jar

Image£9.99Code : CC-MED
30 - 35 hours
Wax 160g
Weight 549g

Clean Cotton

Image£2.50Code : CC-VOTIVE
12 - 15 hours
Wax 60g
Weight 60g