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Clean Cotton Scented Candles

Clean Cotton

There's nothing quite like clean sheets at bedtime.

Like a bundle of freshly washed linen drying in the warm breeze, Our Clean Cotton scented candles is a homely and comforting scent emits a deliciously crisp fresh aroma into the room.

Nicole at TLOABA


" My home is now filled with gorgeous smells, and I cannot wait to burn the Hot Apple Pie one this Christmas!
When I say a mountain of candles I mean it literally! I was even shocked once I had opened the many boxes to find so many candles, I didn't know what to smell first.

Chantel Martin Candles* are a family run business, you know I love a good fambizz, who hand craft their candles using the finest and most organic ingredients. This means, that smell amazing and burn black smokey glass.

So if you're looking for organic, great smelling candles that are very affordable, I would definitely recommend Chantel Martin Candles. "

Clean Cotton
Large Apothecary Jar

Image£15.99Code : CC-LAR
40 - 50 hours
Wax 240g
Weight 755g

Clean Cotton
Medium Apothecary Jar

Image£9.99Code : CC-MED
30 - 35 hours
Wax 160g
Weight 549g

Clean Cotton

Image£2.50Code : CC-VOTIVE
12 - 15 hours
Wax 60g
Weight 60g