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Choosing Our Wax

At Chantel Martin we strive to ensure that only the best products are used in our manufacturing process. In doing so, we've undertaken some research into the various types of wax available for making candles.

Generally, the debate on candle wax revolves around two of the most popular variations; Soy and Paraffin. Popular opinion would lead you to believe that the relatively new Soy wax has a number of benefits over the more traditional Paraffin.

However, evidence shows that the benefits surrounding Soy are, in fact, mainly myths. The notion that Soy produces no soot, is untrue. All materials produce a certain amount during the burning process, Soy just emits a type of soot which is invisible to the naked eye.

The other popular myth, that Soy is made with natural ingredients, causing it to be less harmful than paraffin is also untrue. All candle waxes are non-toxic. The materials used to make both types of wax are all natural meaning that neither soy or paraffin are harmful. The National Candle Association supports this in stating that 'no candle wax has ever been considered 'best' when manufacturing candles' and that 'neither Soy or Paraffin are considered to be toxic.'

Following our research, we have made the decision to use Paraffin wax for our candles. Soy wax has a much denser consistency that means the light omitted is weak and dim. Chemical hardeners are also required to make it more durable, meaning that it is not totally natural. Paraffin is the traditional ingredient, used for candle making throughout history. We intend to continue this tradition, ensuring our candles last and omit the best possible light.