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The Candle Making Process

Candle Making Process

At Chantel Martin we pride ourselves on hand crafting each and every candle here in our Cheshire workshop.
The process begins with selecting the fragrance. We work alongside a British company who assist us in creating new and existing blends. Their expertise allows us to experiment and constantly improve and expand on our tailor made scents.

Once selected, the fragrance is blended with melted Paraffin wax, ensuring the mix is fully absorbed. A colorant is then added, gradually increasing the colour intensity.
Once the candle wax is blended, it's on to the wick, the 'heart of the candle.' Selecting the most suitable wick is a crucial part of the process as it dictates the burn time. At Chantel Martin, we use a cotton braided variation, sourced from the UK and scientifically proven to lengthen the lifespan of the candle.

The wick is placed upright in a specially selected candle jar and hot molten wax is poured in.
After 72 hours, the candles are set. The wicks are trimmed to 6mm, a label is applied to each glass and we hand polish the finished product ready for sale.
At Chantel Martin, we are passionate about creating outstanding candles and our hand-made process allows us to ensure that every candle is finished with the utmost care and precision.